Cash Advance

Clinton Business Solutions is one of the area's largest funding sources for bad credit business loans alternative. Merchants with bad credit are now eligible for our programs and can obtain instant approvals by contacting us. With our programs you can now secure the cash you are looking for by beginning with a starter advance and increasing your advance amount upon each renewal. The goal is to build up a healthy transaction history that will qualify you for a traditional merchant cash advance.

  • You can get approved for a merchant cash advance within 24 hours. Sometimes it can take months when applying for a traditional bank loan. If your business or restaurant needs working capital quickly we can provide your business with immediate capital. A merchant cash advance is not a loan, it's an advance against your future credit card receivables. To qualify for a merchant cash advance or restaurant financing simply apply now in order to receive merchant funding.
  • A merchant cash advance service will help those with little material assets but plentiful receivables by advancing them money based on consumer's credit card debt.
  • A merchant cash advance provider will give your company the money up front and you will have to pay back the principal plus a fee. The merchant cash advance vendor will take an agreed percentage of your accrued credit card sales until the balance has been leveled. A growing business needs money for business equipment, expansion, etc. and merchant cash advances provide opportunity.