Mobile Payment Solutions

Clinton Business Solutions offers the most secure mobile solution in the industry and absolutely no additional processing fees. In other words, the rate you pay on a credit card terminal is the same rate you will pay on a cell phone whereas other providers will charge you a premium rate!

We offer end-to-end encryption starting from the card swipe all the way into our secured network. Not all providers live up to this standard, but for Clinton Business Solutions it's non-negotiable. Your business and your customers' credit card data is too important to not encrypt at all stages of a wireless transaction.

In addition, now you can even go a step further with your mobile payments solution. Not only can you take a payment on the go but you can also retrieve a customer invoice from your mobile device and pay against that invoice for seamless and complete integration into your Sage accounting software.

Clinton Business Solutions offers a complete range of payment technologies to merchants for retail, e-commerce, software integration, and custom payment applications., Our company provides merchant accounts, supports all major credit and debit cards, e-check and ACH transactions, EBT, recurring bill payments, and gift and stored-value cards. As a proven leader in payment technologies, we offer advanced virtual terminal and payment gateway solutions that are fully supported by our in-house teams.