PCI Compliance

Visa, MasterCard and other payment brands have their own data security programs that require merchants to safeguard credit card processing data. However, these companies have also adopted common industry security requirements, referred to as PCI DSS, to provide merchants with a single path to safeguarding sensitive data.

Clinton Business Solutions provides customers with secure payment options, not only more incentives to buy. In fact, failure to protect cardholder data could cost your company thousands of dollars in fines, in addition to loss of business.

Rest assured, as a Clinton Business Solutions holder you’ll have a team of PCI data security experts ready to advise you and keep you informed of data security requirements. This section provides the first steps in understanding the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

PCI Compliance is grouped in these categories:

  • Build and Maintain a Secure Network
  • Protect Cardholder Data
  • Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program
  • Implement Strong Access Control Measures
  • Regularly Monitor and Test Networks
  • Maintain an Information Security Policy