Processing Solutions

At Clinton Business Solutions we are dedicated to being the best in the merchant card industry. Our philosophy is simple. Stay committed to the customer and offer the best possible service at the best possible price both before and after the sale. We are also ongoing members of the Better Business Bureau and pride ourselves in having only satisfied customers.

When your business needs to accept credit card payments, a merchant services account will enable you to process payments from a much larger number of prospects. A merchant services account typically requires a credit card machine or terminal used to swipe the card, as well as an account with an issuing bank that processes the actual payment.

Our processing solutions include:

  • Online Credit Card Processing
    • Easy and affordable for any business
    • Payment processing solution that does not require QuickBooks
  • Process Credit Card In QuickBooks
    • Get paid anywhere
    • Works with QuickBooks
    • No software to install
  • Get Paid In Your Retail Store
    • Low, card-swiped terminal rates
    • All in one retail management
    • Faster deposits, skip the bank with e-checks
  • Accept Credit Cards In Your Web Store
    • Anytime, anywhere mobile payment processing
    • Perfect for field workers, tradesmen and so on